Law Enforcement Personnel Show Appreciation For Health Workers In Alexandria

Law enforcement personnel from across the region descended upon Inova Alexandria Hospital in the early evening hours of April 28 to show their appreciation for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis. Hospital CEO Dr. Rina Bansal said, “This is amazing. If we talk about one community, this is truly one community. To see our first responders appreciating our health care workers truly warms my heart.”

The Legend of The Female Stranger

In the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church cemetery in Alexandria is one of the most famous graves in the area. The inscription on the tombstone bears no name, no hint to who may have been buried underneath. It is not that the name has been erased from centuries of wind and rain. It just never existed. Instead, the table-top tombstone is dedicated to the memory of a “Female Stranger”, an unknown woman who has become the subject of local legends and tales in Alexandria.

The grave of the female stranger

Alexandria Takes Steps To Protect The Vulnerable

The most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic are those of any age with compromised immune systems and seniors over the age of 60. As “social distancing” becomes the new normal, these vulnerable still need human interaction and extra care. With Virginia Governor Ralph Northam urging all residents to remain in their homes during the state of emergency, many seniors, particularly those in senior living facilities, are being cut off from family members and friends.